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A traditional „Stube“ (the centre of Tyrolean domestic life) turned upside down becomes the setting for a public discussion with invited guests, as part of the exhibition The Uncomfortable Science, which is the culmination of a one-year research conducted by Irish artist Gareth Kennedy in which he investigated the troubled history of folklore and visual anthropology in South Tyrol.

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Fumi is a ceramic lamp made out of two identically shaped parts. A magnet couples the two parts and makes a soft turning possible. The special glazing in white, grey or black brown
gives the lamp a natural sandy character. An elegant design for a harmonious atmosphere, a reading light or desk-lamp.

Material: ceramics 


_MG_0445_MG_0452_MG_0454Simple Light is a modern desk-light made from Limestone and brass. A simple shape created from just two cylinders that transform the hard material into an elegant subject. Harry Thaler developed the project in the context of FROM-TO, a collaboration between Venetian craftmen and international designers. A simple item of Design.

Produced by pulpoproducts

Material: limestone and brass


stairs Pur Bozen


Comissioned by Pur Südtirol


material: pine

photo: Daniel Mazza





turn-turn-turn-animation-lampen2.0cono - harry thaler - detail 3cono - harry thaler - detail1cono - harry thaler - frontcono - harry thaler - front2cono---harrythaler---farbencombicono - harry thaler -trio side

Cono was developed in 2013 and is the starting point of a body of work that explores the reduction of objects to their most simple shapes. By focusing on an object through the lens of structure, items can be reduced to their essence without loosing functionality. Creating both a stable base and structure to direct light, Cono employs a double use of one basic model.

Material: powder coated aluminium


Photo: harry thaler studio



IMG_0146 IMG_0182 IMG_0192 IMG_0207 IMG_0279

Different Kitchen and Table utensils for Pur Manufaktur.

Pur Manufaktur

materials: clay of puster valley, borosilicate glass, walnut



A project for a stool born in San Francisco last summer. The stools can be stored stocking them one on another building a tower that becomes further a furnishing element.

Material: pine


photo: daniel mazza

   beneventto-swing-01beneventto-swing- beneventto-swing-03 beneventto-swing-04 beneventto-swing-05 beneventto-swing-06

These works were conceived for an exhibition in Benevento (I). The departure point for this project was a collaboration with the textile company Fratelli Bologna e Marcaccio, which is specialized in the design and production of jacquard fabrics in silk and cotton just to mention a few. Traditional materials were set in a new context, such as resulting in Barrel.
Material: silk jacquard, metal, oil barrel
2012   Photo: Daniel Mazza


black_barrel01 black_barrel02

Material: powder coated oil barrel, leather

2012       Photo: Daniel Mazza

museion01 museion02 museion03 museion04 museion05- museion06 museion07 museion08 museion09 museion10 museion11 museion12 museion13
Commissioned by the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Museion in Bolzano, Italy. This project involved the furnishing and rearrangement of the artist in residence studio and living space.
Materials: timber wood, black mdf, all nailed

www.     Photo: Filippo Bamberghi

Pinet 07 Pinet 06 Pinet 05 Pinet 04 Pinet 03 Pinet 02 Pinet 01


Commisioned private house.


Photo: Filippo Bamberghi

bar-alto-01 bar-alto-03

Created for DesignMarketo for the London Designfestival in 2011.

Material: pine



The table consists of wooden sections that are held together internally with a lock mechanism, so that it can be extended to different lengths. The boxes are made in different types of solid wood.
Materials: solid walnut, oak, maple and birch

Photo: Daniel Mazza


pressed-chair-01a pressed-chair-01b pressed-chair-02 pressed-chair-03 pressed-chair-05jpg pressed-chair-07












pressed-chair-11 pressed-chair-12 pressed-chair-14 pressed-chair-17Pressed chair is a light, stackable metal chair stamped out of a 2.5mm aluminium sheet. The value of the design excels in the intent of creating a piece out of one single material without any joints or connectors. Furthermore the manufacturing produces no waste material and is 100% recyclable.
Material: aluminium

Awards: Conran Foundation Awards 2011, [D3] Contest 2011 imm cologne, Good Design 2011 The Chicago Athenæum     Photo: Jäger & Jäger


Created for DesignMarketo for the London Designfestival in 2011. 
DesignMarketo invited 10 designers to create an intervention on the traditional Duralex Cocktail Glass.
Material: duralex glass, wooden handle
2011     Photo: Daniel Mazza


apple-creats-01 apple-creats-02 apple-creats-03

The model of the shelving units derives from traditional apple crates. They are held together by twisting and locking these especially created tools through the crates. The result is a sculptural shelving system for books, wine and many other things.
Material: apple wood, PET

Photo: harry thaler studio

schlanders01- schlanders02

Bench was a commission by the village of Silandro (I) to design new public seating benches.

Material: treated larch wood, powder coated metal


Photo: Marion Lafogler

StairsLowOpenStairsside StairsSide3
Different sized wooden boxes are put on top of each other and glued together without using nails, nor screws.
 For Kajsa and Maki (UK).
Material: marian plywood

Photo: harry thaler studio

kampill_bench_01 kampill_bench_02Enticed to come and sit down, you find yourself in conversation with your Flip Side. Flip Side steadies attention, gives poise to the dialogue, opens the view.

The Loden-upholstered bench is inspired by traditional milking benches and old-fashioned high beds, those enclosed both at the head and foot – by pieces of furniture determined in relation to activity, or the lack thereof. Flip Side is a piece of furniture that creates a space; it is a room in the room, which defines a moment in time and space. Harry Thaler invents objects and with them also a particular way to be and act in the world. Flip Side invites a certain type of inhabitation, of sitting while conversing and contemplating the view, defining positions and spaces as required by the function of the moment. The stillness of Flip Side has a tranquil effect on the atmosphere of a room.

Material: solid larch wood and loden fabric


Photo: Marion Lafogler

hang-it-on-the-wall01 hang-it-on-the-wall02 hang-it-on-the-wall03
This series of lamps respond to the phasing out of the iconic Edisson lightbulb. The shape of the lamp is an act of preservation, it retains the iconic lightbulb whilst still moving with the times.
Material: borosilicate glass, halogen bulb

Photo: harry thaler studio

Barrel_02 Barrel_01

Oil barrels are crushed like drinking cans and high gloss polished. The seat is made of felt.

Material: oil barrel, felt


Photo: Georg Khuen Belasi

harry_erste54-copy harry_erste57-copy harry_erste97 harry_erste105 harry_erste126-copy harry_erste143-copy harry_erste147
A commissioned project by Manifesta 7 in Bolzano to create furniture for office use. In collaboration with Walter Thaler.
Material: old wooden doors  

Photo: Marion Lafogler